Stadium and Arena Parking Management

We have a proven track record of increasing fan satisfaction scores.

Even Parking Needs a Playbook

Impark provides turnkey parking and transportation solutions for sports and entertainment venues across North America. From AT&T Park in San Francisco to Citi Field in New York, and everywhere in between, Impark has the resources, expertise, and enthusiasm to deliver a parking experience that exceeds expectations.

Our all-star team of parking managers are experts in their field, consistently delivering innovative solutions to maximize the value of your parking assets to you and the fans. With our focus on efficiency and customer service we have developed a strong track record of increasing fan satisfaction scores while substantially improving our clients’ net parking revenues without increasing rates!

Your Teammate in Delivering the Ultimate Fan Experience

As a leading parking management company with a focus on customer service, we work to underscore the fans’ positive game experience. Whether it’s the first or last game of the season, our signage, staff, procedures and attitudes ensure fans receive consistent and excellent service every time.

Experience Is Everything

Impark understands that the success of stadium and arena operations is all about the atmosphere. Our services and approach are designed to deliver a parking experience that complements the fan experience.


Patrons will appreciate being able to reserve parking in advance of the event and even pay for their parking fees via Impark’s event app. Our technology is integrated throughout your operations, provding real-time capacity updates allowing our team to provide relevant wayfinding assistance and optimum rate managment.


Staff parking is critical to a successful event. Let Impark procure sufficient off-site parkind and administer a dedicated shuttle service. We can interface and communicate directly with your staff in real-time via our Impark app, which tracks shuttle arrival and departure times. Impark ensures your staff are well taken care of, arrive on time for their shift and that on-site parking is available for event patrons.


Valet services geared toward your elite-level season ticket holders presents an added level of service that allows for enhanced marketing and upselling options.

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