Learning & Development

It is Impark’s practice to provide thorough and on-going training throughout an employee’s lifecycle in order to ensure a highly competent and motivated work force.

This begins with our New Hire Orientation Program. This program has been developed to introduce employees to the organization, its philosophy, policies, rules and procedures. It is intended to introduce them to the organization’s culture, its norms, values, and ways of doing things.

Throughout an employee’s career training programs are available to provide specific job-related information for positions within the company. We incorporate training objectives into Impark’s training plan for each employee from the offerings available within our training system The Learning Spot.  Training is delivered in variety of formats including: web classroom sessions, self directed online units, one on one on the job coaching and classroom sessions.

In addition, we have an internally developed customer service training program called On the SPOT Service. SPOT is an acronym for the 4 components of customer service behavior we believe are essential to delivering exceptional service to every customer.