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Park all evening on your next visit to Grand Theatre starting at only $5 flat. View our parking locations below and find one that’s right for you.

Grand Theatre Parking


The Grand Theatre is a professional theatre located at 471 Richmond Street just south of Dufferin Avenue in London, Ontario, Canada. Its main auditorium has a seating capacity of 839 with a regular season running from September to May.

Featured Parking Locations

Click on the links below for complete information and purchase links for each of the featured Impark locations:

Citi Plaza North – Lot #145
$5 and up for Concert and Event Parking – 355 Wellington Street

435 Clarence Street – Lot #51

$6 flat for for Concert and Event Parking  435 Clarence Street

Bluestone – Lot #133
$6 flat for Concert and Event Parking – 130 Dufferin Ave

Clarence and King Street – Lot #72
$6 flat for Concert and Event Parking – 195 Dundas Street

370 Richmond Street – Lot #53
$10 flat for Concert and Event Parking – 370 Richmond Street

132 Carling Street – Lot #49
$10 and up for Concert and Event Parking  – 132 Carling Street

Covent Garden Market – Lot #31
$10 and up for Concert and Event Parking 130 King Street

Carling Street – Lot #147
$10 and up for Concert and Event Parking  134 Carling Street

Grand Theatre Parking Location Images

Following are images for each of the featured parking lots located near the Grand Theatre in downtown London, Ontario. 

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