Laura Lierz, CAPP

Laura Lierz, CAPP

Vice President of Municipal Technology

Laura Lierz, CAPP (Certified Administrator of Public Parking through the
International Parking and Mobility Institute and the University of Virginia), joined the firm in 2019 as Vice President of REEF PARKING’s dedicated Municipal Parking Division that serves the company’s public-sector clients exclusively. Laura has more than twenty-six (26) years of experience in the parking industry and has acted in a variety of professional capacities.

Laura began her parking industry career as an event attendant at the University of Colorado Boulder. She went on to manage Events and Enforcement, special projects, summer conference sales and supporting the parking management system. She transitioned to private sector where she spent the next 19.5 years at T2 Systems in multiple roles including support, account management, business development and operations. Under operations, Laura developed and managed the lead generation and product consultant teams. Laura transitioned to Cale America in 2015 where she was responsible for account management and business development. Laura is frequently associated with providing organizations analysis of their current parking operations, demonstrating products and services and how to provide better efficiencies and improve ROI.

Laura is a founding member of NWPA (now known as PIPTA) and currently serves as PIPTA Chair. Laura has a passion for parking and has presented on a variety of topics at IPMI and State and Regional Associations.

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