Srinath Perera

Senior Vice President – Corporate Finance

As Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance, Srinath Perera leads the Global business planning, financial performance, and financial systems. Mr. Srinath is a seasoned financial executive experienced in developing and successfully implementing strategic business initiatives to drive improvements in operating performance and bottom-line efficiency.

Prior to joining Impark, Mr. Srinath served as VP Corporate Finance of FirstService Residential (FSV), the largest publicly traded property management company in the world, operating 8.5k communities with $8B annual client budget administration. He previously held a variety of senior management positions around the Globe at DFASS, Burger King, Yum Brands, PepsiCo Restaurants, and John Keels’.

Mr. Srinath earned a management accounting degree from Dubai Men’s College and holds a diploma in Information Technology from ICS.

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