A parked car is barely visible under a mound of snow.
By Josh Gianotsos & Greg Chapman   |   3 min. read Oh, winter. Its inevitability doesn’t make it any more palatable. With the biting chill of the season quickly creeping in, parking asset owners must ensure parking facilities of every kind are ready for the bracing wintertime elements. Here are four steps you can...
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A visibly irritated man driving in a parking lot.
  2 min. read In preparation for a certain shopping-frenzied Friday and beyond, the American Automobile Association (AAA) shared their trove of tips for navigating parking lots safely. “Don’t let the business of the holiday season distract you from your top priority behind the wheel — traffic safety,” said Theresa Podguski, director of legislative affairs for...
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An office chair with a 'Vacant' sign draped across it. Illustration.
By Alli Richards for Parking Today, November 2018 Entering the Parking Industry It was the winter of 2017 when I came across a posting for my current job. Republic Parking and Impark were looking for a corporate recruiter. Before this moment, working for a parking company — and, truth be told, parking companies in any...
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Representatives from Impark, The Forward Movement, and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital stand in a freshly painted parking stall featuring the Dynamic Symbol of Access (DSA).
Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (Impark Canada) is pleased to announce the first implementation of the Dynamic Symbol of Access (DSA) at an Impark-managed parking facility. An invitation-only painting event took place in Toronto on May 1 to commemorate the initiative’s successful launch. A Symbolic Change As reported on February 28, 2018, Impark Canada is working...
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A woman holding a paper heart in front of her chest.
Did you know? In Canada, a patient needs blood every minute of every day. In the U.S., five million patients will need blood this year. Impark’s director of customer service, Barb Mount, realized there’s power in numbers when it comes to blood donation. Already a champion of blood donation herself, Barb has coordinated group blood...
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Disability rights activists holding banners in a parking space depicting the Dynamic Symbol of Access (DSA). Illustration.
On February 27, Impark proudly announced its collaboration with The Forward Movement, a Canadian advocacy group campaigning for the support and adoption of the Dynamic Symbol of Access (DSA). This collaboration encompasses Impark’s adoption of the DSA as standard for all new facility painting projects in Canada, along with a renewed commitment to providing barrier-free...
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The International Symbol of Access (ISA) evolving into the Dynamic Symbol of Access (DSA). Illustration.
Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (Impark Canada) is proud to announce its collaboration with The Forward Movement, a Canadian advocacy group campaigning for the support and adoption of the Dynamic Symbol of Access (DSA). To advance its work with The Forward Movement, Impark will adopt the DSA as standard for all new facility painting projects in...
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A parking stall reserved for people with disabilities.
When you think of accessible parking, what do you see? You’re likely envisioning something like the image above: extra-wide spaces that prominently display the international accessibility icon, with a wheelchair-friendly, sloped curb nearby. But in 2018, maybe it’s time to expand our understanding of what makes parking “accessible.” How, for example, do traditional handicap parking...
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A businessman and a man in military uniform shaking hands.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 39,471 veterans are homeless on any given night. An additional 1.4 million are at risk of losing their accommodation. On the 16th anniversary of 9/11, Portland held Oregon’s largest Veterans Stand Down event. The event honors and supports those who, having heroically put their lives...
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A heavily flooded underground parking facility in Houston's theater district.
Hurricane Harvey has taken a devastating toll on the lives of the people of Houston, as well as the infrastructure that supports the City.  Republic Parking has over one hundred employees in Houston, operating parking facilities in the Theatre District and George R. Brown Convention Center, a number of which are now filled with flood...
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