A female driver holding her index finger and thumb to her head in frustration and discomfort.
By Rick Wilson   |   4.5 min. read Patients can’t disassociate from their roles and responsibilities outside of the hospital environment, nor should they be expected to. Unfortunately for healthcare providers, this means patients’ anxiety levels can fluctuate markedly from one clinical visit to the next. Providing simple comforts, conveniences, and tokens of appreciation...
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A patient interacts with a patient feedback terminal.
By Jennifer Boyette and Eric Williams   |   4 min. read Today’s tech-savvy patients have significantly higher expectations of their healthcare experiences than they did just five years ago. Anchored in a society supported by instantly accessible information, seamlessly integrated technology, and end-to-end connectivity, healthcare providers face a trying task: match the consumer experience...
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A route planned on a digital map. 3D illustration.
By Mark Williams   |   4 min. read As discussed in 7 Tips for Sourcing Hospital Shuttle Buses, a well-developed shuttle service can address a number of healthcare campus hitches. Some shuttle services move employees and volunteers from remote parking lots to hospital grounds, increasing on-site parking capacity for patients and visitors. Others help...
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A smiling Impark HEALTH attendant assisting a man in a wheelchair who is boarding an Impark HEALTH shuttle bus.
Introduction When a person seeking clinical care enters a medical campus, they experience an identity shift. They are no longer recognized by name, personality, and other distinguishing features. Instead, they are a patient: a member of a group seeking care for an illness, injury, or disease. It’s this identity shift that marks the beginning of...
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Exterior shot of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada.
  3 min. read TORONTO, Ont. (December 5, 2018) — Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (d.b.a. Impark HEALTH) has been awarded a comprehensive parking management contract by Sinai Health System in Toronto, Canada. Impark HEALTH commenced management of Sinai Health System’s parking facilities at Mount Sinai Hospital on June 1, 2018. Mount Sinai: An Exemplary Patient Experience...
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A visibly irritated man driving in a parking lot.
By Mark Williams   |   3.5 min. read Why Introduce a Shuttle Service To Your Hospital? Well-developed shuttle services can address a number of healthcare campus hitches. Some move employees and volunteers from remote parking lots to hospital grounds, increasing on-site parking capacity for patients and visitors. Others help improve patient and visitor accessibility...
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A smiling robot giving a thumbs-up while printing reports from a screen in its chest. Illustration.
By Mark Williams     |         4 min read The market for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is set to exceed $6.6 billion by 2021 at a 40 percent compound annual growth rate, according to a recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan. Currently, healthcare institutions use artificial intelligence to deliver administrative workflow assistance,...
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A transit bus that can connect passengers to on-campus care and external transit hubs. Illustration.
By Spencer Sechler 1. What Is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)? Transportation demand management (sometimes referred to as comprehensive transportation management or traffic demand management) is a collection of community-based strategies that encourage a shift away from single-occupant vehicle (SOV) usage to other, more sustainable methods of transportation. Commonly, TDM encourages the use of public transportation,...
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A child's drawing of a car journey on a sunny day. Illustration.
A Whole New World In March 2018, The Walt Disney Company announced a global commitment of more than $100M to reinvent the patient experience (PX) in children’s hospitals. The investment includes the development of Disney-themed treatment and patient rooms, in-room entertainment, and Disney Institute customer-experience training for clinical staff. For us, as a service provider...
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A woman navigating a ridehailing app on her smartphone. Illustration.
In the last 12 months, multiple app-based ridesharing companies have announced plans to enter the healthcare industry by offering patient transportation programs. The move comes at a time where hospitals are increasingly challenged with expanding their service offerings while maintaining their primary focus on clinical care. Healthcare Ridesharing – What Does it Mean? An Estimate...
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